Freelance 3D Graphic Design Artist & 3D Modeler

Welcome to 2753 Productions, I do hope that you enjoy your stay.  I am a Freelance 3D Graphic Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler & 3D Environmental Artist based out of Central Florida with approximately 10 plus years of experience, specializing in custom 3D modeling, business ad design, 3D texture creation and ultra realistic 3D lighting.

No Graphic Design or 3D Modeling Project too small!

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I am available for custom 3D Modeling, Vue 3D Terrain design, 3D Animations, Concept design work, Album Covers, 3D Product Visualizations, Corporate and Business Logo's, Business Cards and other printed sales materials, and Affordable Business Ad design.

I create, therefore I am. I enjoy creating art, and I feel that art is, in all its various forms, one of the most significant achievements of man. As a Freelance 3D Graphic Artist my chosen form of artistic expression is, of course, through the digital art medium, specifically 3D Graphic Art. I love 3D modeling, lighting, and setting up a 3D scene, always with an emphasis upon realism. I continually marvel at the strides that are taken in this rather new form of artwork, with the greats such as Kelly "Kat" Myers, Tobias Richter, and others. I thoroughly enjoy creating ever increasingly detailed 3D Models.

Vue trees, vue 3d terrains, 3d models, 3d weapons, VFX special effects layers

My services include Graphic Design: using my skills as a graphic artist to create custom Personal or Corporate Logo's, Custom Website Design, website-banners, product sheets and ad slicks. I will also create custom 3D product visualizations, and animations. If you have had an idea for a 3D Concept Model, then I can provide that for you as well. 3D Animation? No problem. I have a widely varied gallery which I invite you to peruse at your leisure on DeviantART

Sunsine Icarus 2 Personal 3D Modeling Project

sunshine icarus 2 3d model
Sunshine Icarus 2 detailed 3D Model

Can't Take a Good Lady Down

Can't Take a Good Lady Down
Created by 2753 Productions
ship lighting by 2753 Productions
USS Kelvin modeled by Tobias Richter
© 2753 Productions

3D Environmental Artist

What does this mean? What is a 3D Environmental Artist? An Environmental Artist, or more precisely, a 3D Environmental Artist is a 3D Modeler who specializes in creating exterior or interior locations, either for film, graphics, games or as a personal hobbyist. One of the premiere software's for the exterior landscape design aspect is E-On Software's Vue. With Vue you get the ability to create not only realistic Vue 3D Terrains, but to populate those 3D terrains with realistic and varied plant life, and then light them with various real-world lighting techniques. Vue has been used recently in varied film's, such as Pirate's of the Caribbean, Terminator Salvation, and others.

So... if you need a 3D Environmental Artist: a natural 3D Render depicting an exterior landscape or scene, one created with extremely realistic lighting, beautifully rendered custom Vue Vegetation, then no problem.  Book covers, album covers, fantasy landscapes, custom backdrops/mattes for your own renders, I can do it.

Born on the Bayou 3D Vue Scene by 2753 Productions

Born on the Bayou
Vue Render by 2753 Productions
Recently published in issue 26 of 3D Artist Magazine
© 2753 Productions

Lost Valley 3D Vue Scene by 2753 Productions
Lost Valley
Vue Render by 2753 Productions
© 2753 Productions

Return to Lost Vallery 3D Vue Scene by 2753 Productions
Return to Lost Valley
Vue Render by 2753 Productions
© 2753 Productions

The Hallejuah Mountains 3D Vue Scene Avatar by 2753 Productions
The Hallelujah Mountains
Vue Render by 2753 Productions
© 2753 Productions

As a 3D Content Provider, 2753 Productions creates custom 3D Modeling and content for both Cinema 4D and Vue and other 3D applications capable of importing 3DS, OBJ, or DXF files. I provide only the highest quality elements to help you with your renders:

I also specialize in creating custom Vue content, custom ultra realistic atmospheres, ultra realistic vue terrains highly detailed realistic Vue Solidgrowth vegetation.

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