Special Effects Layers

A very nice surprise...These effects are truly awesome and this is one of those rare occasions where I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Among my favorites are the explosions and space effects. So fare I've only played around with them in Carrara (using them on billboards) but what I've seen so far has been impressive. These make a perfect final touch to renders. In most cases, you don't actually discover how sharp these look until you do a test render of your transparency. Just what I was looking for and I hope to see more soon. Thanks.

Russell_DC, ★★★★★ - Special Effects Mega Pack

2D Resources | Photoshop Layers. A necessary bit of 'magical' special effects to make your renders or photomanipulations go from wow to WOW! I have been providing 2D Resources to the Digital Community for quite some time now, and many of my 2D Resource Products have become quite popular.

My Photoshop Layers are Special Effects Resources generated with high quality transparencies in the .png format to be able to be used by any imaging software that can handle PNG transparencies. Large, crisp, vibrant colors, this is what you will find with my Special Effects Packs. My latest png layer packs are generated in sequential numbered files so that if you are into creating animations you will find these right up your alley! You can place them into your scene as is, or try different techniques and layering effects (screen, overlay, soft light, etc) to acheive the desired effect with my special effect packs.

3D Model render Battlestar Galactica

The Gauntlet
© 2753 Productions

The Gauntlet created using my Explosion Pack

These resources can also be used not only in imaging software, but also on 'billboards' or 'planes' in your favorite 3D Rendering software.  My popular image above, The Gauntlet, using Tan J's brilliantly modeled Battlestar Ouroborus was created by separately rendering the various ships as matte objects then placing them against the background above, rigging custom lights where I wanted the explosions to take place against the hull, then the whole thing was composited together in Photoshop.

Custom Special Effects Layers

Fantastic set! good to have all combined... Well done!

Avril H. Reynolds, ★★★★★ - Special Effects Mega Pack 2

As with any of my products, always feel free to contact me and request specific Special Effects that you would like to see made. I have absolutely no problem doing that, and usually I have a fairly quick turn-around time, depending on the effect. Battlefield Action, my latest 2D Special Effects Pack, was one such special request. This pack contains 852 sequential, animation ready, large, high-quality png transparencies.