Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer

I have always enjoyed the series Babylon 5, so I have finally had time to try and create one of the most elusive, but interesting ships from the series - the Warlock Advanced Destroyer, so this is my 3D Model build of the Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer. Enjoy!

Free Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer!

This model is now available FREE on this site! Free DETAILED Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer
I would enjoy seeing what you come up with in your renders, please use the contact page to let me know what you come up with! Contact Me

Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer Work in Progress 3D Model

Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer Full Military Thrust 3D Image by 2753 Productions

Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer Free 3D Model

Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer Award Winning 3D Model

Babylon 5 Warlock Destroyer 3D Model


This model is available now, for free download from 2753 Productions Freebies, Foundation 3D, and from my Webstore

With my background in the Construction Industry, I have tried to bring some of the design elements and structural 'know-how' to all my 3D Model builds. Instead of just sticking parts here and there in my Extreme Detail 3D Modeling I have attempted to make the modeling realistic and detailed.

Please enjoy my 3D Modeling, and if anyone feels the need to have a specific model created, or a product model created or rendered, please feel free to contact me.