Cinema 4D Shaders, or Cinema 4D Materials of good high-quality craftsmanship are something that every 3D Artist needs to bring out the best in your Cinema 4D Rendering, whether in taking the time to create them for yourself, or finding a high quality source, this is something that no 3D Artist can do without.  I can help provide a solution to that problem...

Cinema 4D Shaders

Preciou(SSS) standard and Subsurface Scattering Cinema 4d materials

I have always had an eye for, and the ability to create well made, realistic cinema 4d materials or shaders. Now, some of these textures that I have created are now available to the public for purchase and inclusion in your Cinema 4D Material Library, some will even be available soon in the Free Download Section of this website very shortly. Please always keep checking back to see what new products or downloads are available. As always, I am completely willing to work directly with you in the creation of specific shaders for your 3D Masterpiece. I cannot stress enough how important high quality materials are to get the most out of your Cinema 4D Rendering.  Always feel free to contact me concerning custom shaders.

Cinema 4D Material, Basic Still Life Cinema 4D Rendering, created using my Cinema 4D shaders
Basic Still Life
© 2753 Productions

I take my time in the creation of my Cinema 4D Shader packs, so you can always be assured that they are of the highest quality.  I also continually update as needed, and provide download updates to all of my customers.  So far on different vendor websites where I have sold my goods I have always acheived the coveted 5 star status, this will not change with this website, or in my store

My shader packs are usually procedural based, using one of Cinema 4D's wonderfully powerful algorithm's to produce high-quality materials, or if specified otherwise they are image based. Which do I prefer? Well it entirely depends upon the scene... In some scenes in order to attain a perfect simulacrum of the material you are after, you may have to use an image. Crisp images, large format, and high density are the key to a well made image based material. You will find that with my image based materials. The above scene was made with both image based and procedural shaders. The Spanish Wall Tile is an image based shader with layers. Layers can be used to further 'enhance' what would be otherwise rather 'flat' looking materials. The spheres in the bowl are all made using elements from my Preciou(SSS) shader pack. The glass and brass are part of shader packs I am currently working on and will be releasing soon.