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Really nice product, and a good value. I see many terrain sets offered where you get just one terrain for basically the same price as this. Hope there are more to come. Swamp/River Delta type terrains would be great.

MN Artist, ★★★★★ - Twisted Desert Vue Terrain Pack

My Vue Terrain Packs consist of large scale Vue Terrains, usually either 4 or 6 to a pack. Large scale? My Vue Terrains are usually sized at 1.2km per side or larger, allowing very large scale Vue Terrains which offer you, the artist, the ability to discover an almost endless variety of "shooting locations" in the terrain to render your scenes, and being procedural terrains, as noted below, you can get as close as you want to the surface, with no degradation in detail.

Some of my newer terrains though are created initially with procedurals in the function editor, but then converted to a standard terrain, then taken into World Machine for a high resolution, natural erosion process, the end result is you get a Vue Terrain which is even more realistic, yet renders FAST!

Please visit my webstore to see all of the detailed Vue Landscape Packs and individual Vue Terrains available. Be sure to bookmark us and check back for new terrains including occasional free Vue Landscape Packs or individual terrains!

Procedural Vue Terrains:

Fractals are defined as 'non-Euclidean' (too irregular to be easily defined in standard Euclidean geometric language) geometric shapes which are considered to be infinitely complex, and when magnified, each individual part is a mirror of the whole (called self-similarity).

Utilizing fractals in Vue terrains allows this infinite characteristic of the fractal pattern to be realized as the Vue camera gets closer and closer to the Vue Terrain. This level of detail is not dependant upon the material applied to the surface. Fractal patterns to some degree can be seen in nature - in clouds, terrains, snowflakes and animal color patterns. E-On Software introduced Terrain Fractals with the release of Vue 7 which offers even more realism in the generation and rendering of Vue Procedural Terrains.

Twisted Desert by scott2753

Twisted Desert
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I am currently working on several Vue Landscape Packs which will be released soon, along with several Vue Landscape Material Packs. Bookmark us or the store and keep checking back for these new releases.

Therefore in short I trust you will enjoy my Vue Landscape Packs, and find them infinitely pleasurable to work with.  I am always open to suggestions for new landscape packs to create, and can be contacted via my contact page for such purposes. Also I am always very interested to see what you have made with my landscapes, so please feel free to contact me.