Welcome to my Vue Vegetation Packs page, on this page you will find information regarding my Vue Solidgrowth Vegetation, Vue Plants and Vue Trees, and relevant links to the appropriate store category where you can find ultra realistic Vue Trees and Vue Plants for use in your Vue Renders...

Vue Trees and Plants

Vue Vegetation Packs:

Vue Vegetation Pack - HD Fall Maple Trees by 2753 Productions, Vue Trees, Vue Vegetation, .veg files, vue .veg

HD Fall Maple Vue Tree
Promotional Render above prepared by Drea Horvath using my HD Fall Maple Tree and Maple Leaf Litter Pack

Living in Florida as I do, I have had the luxury of living close by several large, well-stocked Botanical Centers and Theme Parks, offering me the opportunity for detailed, high quality photographic images for use as texture maps for my various Vue Vegetation Packs.

Utilizing Vue's Solidgrowth Technology, these .veg files offer the ability to populate your renders with a varied array of different Vue Plants or Vue Trees, all based upon the same file. Utilizing fractal growth patterns, these Vue Trees or Vue Plants all 'grow' naturally, so that no two trees or plants are exactly alike. This is one of the true beauties of Vue, and why Vue excels above other terrain generating software out there.

A Hidden Path 3D Vue Scene

A Hidden Path
© 2753 Productions

All of my Vue Vegetation Packs utilize this wonderful advanced technology from E-On Software. This, coupled with extremely high quality images as the texture maps means these trees will look great in your landscape. I have various packs available and will continue to create more as time goes on. As an added bonus, and a chance to add creative detail to your Vue renders, I also make various 'Vue Objects' which go hand in hand with my vegetation packs - for instance my Vue Maple Leaf Litter Pack which contains various leaf objects with high quality materials to enhance the realism of your render.

These Vue Objects can be either manually placed into your Vue Scene, or painted in with the Vue Ecosystem Painter (provided you have this module installed). This Vue Maple Leaf Litter Pack is included with the purchase of the Vue HD Fall Maple Trees.

As time goes on I will also be providing certain other Vue Objects to work alongside your ecosystem objects - moss covered stones, boulders, etc., so keep checking the store out to find what new products are offered.

Attention to detail - this is something you will find prevalent in all facets of my Vue Vegetation Packs, and why you should seriously consider adding them to your Vue library.

**Note, where specified you MUST own the applicable Tree/Plant base from Cornucopia 3D in order to use some of the plants. This will be noted on the pack prior to any sale!