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Graphic Design Artist

Professional Graphic Design in Tampa Bay of Logos, Brochures, Website Design and Implementation, Social Media Banners, Business Ad Design and Professional Photo Editing

Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers:

Give your business that extra artistic flare to make it pop! I can provide you with professional graphic design for brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary, shelf talkers - the list goes on. I can also provide these services along with professional printing at a very low price!

Custom Web Design Services:

Whether it's a standalone website, a Blogspot website, or a self-hosted WordPress website, I can create a custom website design for you with a very fast turn-around time. Need low cost, dependable hosting services for your newly designed website? I can provide that for your business as well.

Website/Social Media Site Banners:

Make your website or Social Media site really pop with a personalized, custom banner! Make your Facebook Cover photo really you! I can create either static (non-moving) or very intensive moving graphic (Flash Format) website banners utilizing the latest in technology. My aim is to create the best banner for your website. I will provide these website banners to you in either a PNG format for a static banner or as a SWF/html format for an animated banner.

CD Covers, Book Covers, DVD Covers:

Do you have a CD that needs artwork, a book that needs a custom designed or painted cover? Insert artwork? A DVD cover? Then I can do all of these for you and bring your work that extra special bling!

Unique Corporate and Personal Logo's:

As a Graphic Artist, I provide a personal, one on one logo design service. I have the ability to create wonderful and unique logo's either for personal use or for your company use. As a 3D Artist I also bring to the table the ability to provide custom tailored 3D elements to your logos. These Logo's can either be completely new ones, tailored for your specific use, or a simple refreshing and updating of tired, time-worn company logos from your businesses past. These logos will be provided to you in a wide variety of formats - either simple PNG files, or intricate custom, one-of-a-kind AI (Adobe Illustrator) files. Upload at your leisure to your websites, or post them onto your business cards, letterheads or pamphlets.

You may see some of my Logo designs below or here

Custom Business Logos

Business Ad Design:

I am able to create stunning full color ads for your business, as well as animations. Please view the following link for full color examples of ads I have worked on for clients in the past: Ad Examples

Scott, you do great work. I would like for you to do some other things for us a little later on if you are interested.

Jim & Betty Johnson, Village Goldsmith, Clermont FL

small business advertising, Custom company ads, graphic design tampa bay

Video Editing and Archiving:

Do you have old video's hanging around your hard drive, taking up much needed space? Want to do something with them? I can edit these video's, add effects, graphics, text and even music and return these video's either by electronic delivery or for an additional charge onto DVD. I can even make these video's with the latest software where they will still retain extremely high quality yet take up less space on your hard drive.

Professional Freelance Photo Editing:

Using the latest professional software, and the latest in advanced training techniques, I can restore tired old photographs or make those digital photographs go from wow to WOW! You will find with my freelance photo editing services that I have a quick turn-around time and guaranteed results (**Final result depends upon the quality of the initial file**) My freelance photo editing services will include Skin Smoothing, Color Adjustments, Blemish Removal, Paint-Overs (where necessary), and Custom Effects if desired. For Portraits, bring out your true beauty without the facial feature distortion seen in many edited photos using inexpensive editing software suites.

Professional freelance photo editing before and after, 2753 Productions Professional Photo Editing

Custom 3D Modeling:

Do you have a new product for your company that you need created in 3D? Let me know! You can view the detail I put into my hard-surface 3D modeling here and see that I am very passionate about modeling. 3D Modeling runs in my blood, and I have been at it for a long while. Product renders? No problem! Custom stage sets? No problem! Lifelike HD Lighting? Certainly not a problem! I do pride myself on my 3D lighting. Once the model is created and approved, I can export the model in a variety of useable formats. I have been at that for a while, creating custom models for sale in a variety of marketplaces including my webstore

3D Product Visualization:

Once that beautiful new model is created for your product, don't you want to have it rendered into a crisp, clean photograph, suitable for promotional advertising? Complete with ultra-realistic lighting? Perhaps you already have a model of your product but no means to breathe life into it in 3D. I can! Texturing, lighting, stage setting, all are things that I do on a daily basis - I guarantee that I can make your product look great! Whether it be simple product boxes, or even automotive renders. All of these can be given a unique beauty through the wonders of High Quality 3D Rendering.

3D Product Render, Product Visualization

Custom 3D Landscape Renders:

Through the use of Eon Software's Vue - a state of the art landscape generation and rendering software, I can create natural landscapes ranging from the sublime and peaceful, all the way to freaky and outlandish displays of alien worlds. Come on! Let me build a world for you!

Custom 3D Landscape Render, 2753 Productions Graphic Design Services